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Who We Are

The National Judicial College

has educated and inspired the judiciary since 1963

Over the past few decades, traffic cases, and more specifically drug-impaired driving cases, have become increasingly complex. Judges hearing these matters are confronted with new methods for detecting impairment, new interpretations of the U.S. and state constitutions, and frequent changes to statutes that prohibit certain driving behaviors.

Judges need a source of quality information containing current trends, studies, reports, and case law to make the best decisions and take advantage of promising innovations. In recognition of these needs, this resource center was created in 2020.  It is a cooperative effort between the Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The National Judicial College to establish a resource for judges on issues related to traffic adjudication. In addition to being a clearinghouse of information, this resource center also provides education and technical assistance resources to improve court decision making in traffic cases. It emphasizes resources for cases involving impaired driving, including drugged driving.

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