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Upcoming Webinars & Programs

May 2, 2023, online webinar: “Search and Seizure in Drug Impaired Driving Adjudication” 

May 22- 25, 2023, in person course, Reno, NV; “The Traffic Case: A Course for Nonlawyer Judges” 


August 2, 2023, online webinar: “Mitchell v. Wisconsin: The Unanswered Question of Implied Consent” 

October 11, 2023, online webinar: “Impaired Driving 2023: Where are We?” 


November 13-16, 2023, in-person course, Reno, NV: “Impaired Driving Case Essentials” 

Recorded Webinars

These recordings are listed in chronological order, starting with 2021. You must be logged into NJC On-Demand for these links to take you directly to the desired webinar. For a comprehensive list of live, upcoming free webinars, please visit NJC's website at

Court Supervision in Impaired Driving Cases: Using Monitoring & Accountability—An Affordable Approach Targeting All High-Risk Offenders

Faculty: Hon. Richard Vlavianos (2021)


Healing to Wellness: Best Practices for the Impaired Driver & Other Substance Use Offenders

Faculty: Hon. Robert Anchondo (2021)

Access to Justice in Impaired Driving Cases - Costs of Pre-Trial Conditions

Faculty: Hon. Kevin Fitzwater (2020)

Access to Justice in Impaired Driving Cases - Costs of Post-Adjudication Conditions

Faculty: Hon. Kevin Fitzwater (2020)

Self-Represented Litigants in Traffic Court

Faculty: Hon. Thomas Donnelly (2020)


Meeting the Challenges of Treatment Courts During COVID-19: A Conversation

Faculty:  Judge Neil Axel, Judge Robert Anchondo, Judge Michael Barrasse, Judge Mary Jane Knisely, Judge Richard Vlavianos (2020)


Electronic Warrants in Impaired Driving Cases: What are They, and Why are They Important? 

Faculty:  Judge Neil Axel (2020)


Sentencing to Reduce Recidivism in Impaired Driving Cases

Faculty:  Judge Richard Vlavianos (2020)


DUI in Indian Country

Faculty:  Judge Jan Morris, Judge J. Matthew Martin, and Judge Robert Anchondo (2020)


Access to Justice in Impaired Driving Cases - Costs of Pre-Trial Conditions

Faculty:  Judge Gayle Williams-Byers (2020)


What Judges & Lawyers Should Know about Military Personnel in Impaired Driving Cases

Faculty:  Col. Tara Osborn (2019)


Women & Impaired Driving

Faculty: Erin Holmes, director of the Traffic Safety Foundation, (2019)


Co-Occurring Disorders

Faculty: Judge Stephen Goss (2019)


Drugged Driving Update

Faculty: Judge Peggy Hora (2019)


Identifying Masked Offenses

Faculty: Judge Gary Graber (2019)


Ethical Issues in Impaired Driving Cases

Faculty: Judge Jason Ashford (2019)


The Repeat DUI Driver

Faculty:  Hon. Scott Bergstedt (2018)


Marijuana and Impaired Driving

Faculty:  Ms. Deena Ryerson and Judge Mary Jane Knisely (2018)

The DRE: Benefits and Limitations of DRE Testimony

Faculty:  Officer Travis Herbert (2018)


The Role of the Judge in DUI Cases

Faculty:  Hon. Neil Axel (2018)

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