Directions: The Newsletter of the Judicial Resource Center on Drug-Impaired Driving

February 2021. Recent cases on marijuana per se laws, police stops; article on medical marijuana laws, judicial resources.

March 2021. Statewide impaired driving resource guide, new opinions of note, lawful use of marijuana under Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

April 2021. Research and resources on impaired driving, new opinions of note, upcoming judicial education courses through NJC, upcoming traffic safety seminar for judges through ABA and Regional and State Judicial Outreach Liaisons.

May 2021. Search warrant programs for blood tests, new opinions of note, JOL openings, upcoming judicial education courses.

Other Newsletters

Highway to Justice. The ABA’s Judicial Division produces the quarterly newsletter to provide updates on national traffic safety news, with a judicial focus.

Indiana Court Times. Great article on roadside drug testing in 2021.